Hello everyone!

I wanted to post some information on pet dental care, which is an important

topic for pets and their pet parents. Pets can develop periodontal disease, just

like us humans. It also affects pets internal organs in the same way too. Bad

bacteria that are present in your pet's mouth affect your pet greatly. When

left untreated, these bad bacteria cause gingivitis and periodontal disease.

This affects the internal organs, especially the heart! These bacteria travel

into your pet's bloodstream, and can cause heart disease. I am not trying to

scare anyone, I am just stating facts. I recommend, brushing your pet' teeth

at least weekly. I know it's a hassle sometimes, and pet parents are often busy

and don't seem to have the time or patience. You have to ask yourself as a

responsible pet parent, if your pet's health is worth taking the time and

effort to maintain a healthy mouth and body for them. Of course the answer is

yes! I have some tips that will help with this issue. I recommend starting a

dental routine with your pet as soon as possible. Starting this rountine as a

puppy is your best option. Your pet will get used to the routine, and you

will have less of an issue with cooperation. If this isn't an option for you,

then starting off slow is best. I use and recommend Tropiclean Natural Teeth

Gel, and Tropiclean Brushing Gel. I also carry the Teeth Gel, for the

convenience of my clients. That way they don't need to make a special trip to

a specialty pet store to get it. It is easy to use. You just closely follow

the instructions that are provided with the bottle. I have used this product

for four years, and I can honestly say to you, that this product has made a

significant difference in my pet's dental health. Of course, starting early

helps a great deal. Don't expect miracles. Especially if your pet's dental

health has already deteriorated to the point of receding gums, loose teeth,

or tooth loss. I hope that your pet is not at this stage of periodontal

disease, but if this is the case, then a thorough cleaning and any recommended

extractions are a must first and forehand. After your pet's teeth are cleaned

and back to a good state, then you may begin with the Tropiclean products.

If your pet is too old to be under anesthesia for teeth cleaning, or for any

other health reasons, then using the Tropiclean prodcuts is still OK. They

won't correct or reverse severe tooth damage, but they will help a little.

They will help with the bacteria and breath. I hope all of this information

has helped you and your pet with their important dental health. If anyone has

any further question concerning the dental health of their pet, please don't

hesitate to ask me. I am there for you all! Here's to your pet, and their

good dental health!

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